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My name is Valentin Hriscu, I am 32 years old and I live in Bucharest the capital of Romania.


Since I can remember I am into drawing, during boring classes at school or in my spare time I always had a pen in my hands. Already in my childhood I got interested into tattoo art and wanted to become a tattoo artist very early. A few years later, I built a tattoo machine on my own and started to make simple models for friends and my family. 


I studied painting at the university and those years were very helpful, it was vital for my evolution. My drawing experiences and my study influenced my tattoo work a lot, because it helps me to have an understanding of art in general, as well as paintings, colours, even tattoos after tuition.


I am a professional tattoo artist since 2008. It wasn't always an easy way as I had no mentor in the art of tattooing, but therefor it is even more rewarding as I really love my job today. I could not imagine myself doing something else. Today I can create tattoos any art work or an idea my client has. It fulfils me to see people being happier with themselves, with my works on their bodies - it is a priceless reward.

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