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Hi, my name is Klark and I am born in 1998. I live in Athen in Greece and am a resident tattoo artist for the LUVNROLL studio there. Since 2020 I am part of the CICHOWDT Tattoo Culture community, which has so far been an exciting experience! 

I am a self-taught tattoo artist who started tattooing in 2010. Since 2016 I consider myself a professional and make my living form my tattoo work. Before and during my learning process I had a focus on several different artistic fields. First I started drawing with pencils, then markers and later with spray, making graffiti art. The style of my tattoo work is strongly influenced by my past artistic expressions. It is called "New School", is full of colours, realistic designs and light reflexes.

I am thankful making a living from my creative passion, and work in a field that is so personal to my clients as well as my self. It is an honour to create and draw a personal piece of art for a client, which remains for their lifetime.

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Tattoos by Klark

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