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Hello, my name is Serghei Butuc. Born in 1983 I live with my family in the capital of Moldova, where I also work as a tattoo artist. At the age of 20 years, I worked for the very first time with a handmade tattoo machine and created my first piece on my brother. I quickly fell in love with this creative way of expression and couldn't stop since then. In 2007 I visited the "Odessa Tattoo Convention" and saw the work of legendary artist Dmitriy Samohin. I couldn't believe what I saw! His work and it's detail had a strong impact on me and the desire to master realistic tattoos got me immediately.

From 2011 on I started to participate in all European tattoo conventions I could possibility get in. This allowed me to travel to many countries such as France ,Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Romania, Nederland and many others. The large number of conventions gave me an invaluable experience in tattoo techniques and nurtured my vision of what can be drawn on skin. But it also gave me the conclusion, that I work for my customers! It fulfils me the most, that my work can make another person happy. So it is also the best payment to see the smile a clients face when they look at their new tattoo.


I am thankful, that my passion gets appreciated and allowed me to work for a studio in Geneva since 2015 and opened the door for my collaboration with CICHOWDT Tattoo Culture since 2019.


All in all I am a very happy father of two kids, a boy and a girl. God blessed me with an incredible wife, the mother of our kids. Family is number one in my life! I feel to be a very lucky person, because I found my way in my life, this is what I wish to everyone.

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